ShipGuarantee / LimeLight API Integration Setup

Step 1: ShipGuarantee Account Creation

The first step in this process is having your ShipGuarantee account created.

Send an email to your account representative requesting to create your ShipGuarantee

account. In return, your rep will send you the three pieces of information you need:

• Client ID

• Offer ID (optional)

• API Key


Step 2: Add a Category

Inside your LimeLight account, you need to add an ShipGuarantee category

At the top, mouse over Offers and click on Categories

At the bottom, click on Add Category

A pop up will appear.

Enter “ShipGuarantee” in both the Name and Description fields, then click on Save


Step 3: Add a Shipping Group

Inside your LimeLight account, you need to add a ShipGuarantee shipping group

At the top, mouse over Offers and click on Shipping

At the bottom, click on Add Shipping Group

A pop up will appear.

Enter “ShipGuarantee” in both the Name and Code fields, then click on Save


Step 4: Add a Shipping Method

Inside your LimeLight account, you need to add a ShipGuarantee Shipping Method

At the top, mouse over Offers and click on Shipping

At the bottom, click on Add Shipping Method

A pop up will appear.

Enter the following values:

• Name = ShipGuarantee Shipping

• Group Name = ShipGuarantee (Use Drop Down)

• Service Code = ShipGuarantee

• Description = ShipGuarantee Shipping

• Initial Price = 0.00

• Subscription Price = 0.00


Step 5: Add a Product

At this point you need to create a ShipGuarantee product inside your LimeLight account.

At the top, mouse over Offers and click on Products

At the bottom, click on Add Product

Enter the following values:

• Name = ShipGuarantee Insurance

• SKU Identifier = ShipGuarantee

• Price = Cost of insurance, usually $2.49

(refer to your contract for actual amount)

• Max Quantity = 1

• Category = ShipGuarantee (Use Drop Down)

• Description = ShipGuarantee Insurance

Everything else, leave as default

*Note: The Price value is only a placeholder. This value can be overridden in the API call by

using the dynamic_product_price_XX parameter, where XX is the product ID for the

ShipGuarantee product you are setting up. See table at end for further description

Click on Save. See the screenshot for reference:


Step 6: Re-bills, Continuity, Subscriptions (Optional)

If your offer is a one-time sale and does NOT include the continuity/re-bill/subscription feature in LimeLight, please skip to the next

step.  Setting up a subscription for ShipGuarantee can be tricky, so PLEASE READ the following instructions carefully.


The NewOrder and NewOrderCardOnFile methods in the Transaction API have a field called master_order_id. This field allows you to link two orders so that their subscription activity is tied together. This is important so you tie your master subscription and your ShipGuarantee subscription together, so the actions on the master subscription (e.g. putting the order on hold) will affect the ShipGuarantee subscription in the same way.  When you submit your master order API call, Lime Light will return the order ID assigned. Use

this value in the master_order_id field when making the second API call for ShipGuarantee.  Also for re-bills to work, you must create an ShipGuarantee subscription that has one product to match each product on the master subscription.  At the top, mouse over Offers and click Products.  Please find ShipGuarantee Insurance and click on edit on the right side of the screen.  On the right side in the Options, select Subscription. When the Subscription box appears, please use the following values:

• Next Recurring Product = Select the next ShipGuarantee product from the drop down

• Days to Next Billing = Use your current re-billing cycle duration (E.G. 30 days)


  • Your offer has an initial purchase, a 14 day charge, and then a 30 day charge.
  • You need to create 3 separate ShipGuarantee products for this subscription.
  • Your 1st product (example product ID 123) will be used in the API call with the initial order.
  • The Days to Next Billing will be set at 14.
  • Your 2nd product (example product ID 456) will be used when setting up the subscription on your product 123. This product will have a Price of $0.00, because nothing is being shipped out. Your Days to Next Billing will be set at 16.
  • Your 3rd product (example product ID 789) will be used when setting up the subscription on your product 456. This product will have a Price of your agreed upon insurance amount (e.g. $2.99). Your Days to Next Billing will be set at 30.

*Note: Using the master_order_id field will tie your main product subscription to your ShipGuarantee subscription. This means any changes to your main product subscription will also be made to your ShipGuarantee subscription. HOWEVER, these changes will NOT be reflected immediately. There will be no change to your ShipGuarantee product subscription until it is time for it to bill again. At that time LimeLight checks the main product subscription status and changes the ShipGuarantee product subscription to match it before processing the order (if applicable). See screenshot for reference:


Step 7: Add your ShipGuarantee Account

Now we create your ShipGuarantee account inside of LimeLight using the data your ShipGuarantee representative sent to you.  At the top, mouse over Clients & Fulfillment and click on Membership Providers In the pop up, select OSIS from the drop down In the new pop up, enter the information provided by your ShipGuarantee Rep as outlined below:

Customer Number = Client ID

Policy ID = Offer ID ( optional – if not provided just enter the number 0 )

Key = API Key

In the Products field, select ALL ShipGuarantee products you created.

For Alias, enter any value you want to identify your account (e.g. ShipGuarantee Profile)


Step 8: Add a Campaign

Next step is to create an ShipGuarantee campaign inside your LimeLight account.

At the top, mouse over Campaigns and click on Manage Campaigns

In the Actions drop down box, select Add Campaign

In the Integration box on the right, check both the API and Third Party Providers options

Enter the following values:

Campaign Information

• Name = ShipGuarantee Campaign

• Description = ShipGuarantee Campaign


Product Configuration

Select your ShipGuarantee product(s) to be added to this campaign



Select the types of payment you want to accept for your ShipGuarantee products


Gateway Configuration

Select which gateway or load balancer you want the ShipGuarantee charges to go to



Select the regions in which you are using ShipGuarantee



Select the ShipGuarantee shipping method you created



Under Membership, select your ShipGuarantee Membership account you created


Step 9: Activate ShipGuarantee on your Product Campaign

To activate LimeLight on a new or already existing campaign, there is a simple interface.

1. Add/Edit Campaign in your LimeLight admin interface

2. Check the box “Third Party Providers” if not already checked

3. In the “Providers” box, look for the “Membership” line. Click the dropdown box and select

your ShipGuarantee Product

4. Click “Save”

This must be done for ALL Product Campaigns that are using ShipGuarantee!



Step 10: Process Orders On Same MID Including Rebills (Optional)

It's important to keep the ShipGuarantee charge on the same MID as the initial order, and

have their rebills also stay on the same MID. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Activate “Preserve Billing” on your Load Balancer profile, which keeps the initial order rebills on the same MID

2. Retrieve the gatewayId parameter from the initial order API response

3. In the ShipGuarantee API call, use the following parameters

1. forceGatewayId – takes the gateway ID returned in the initial order API response

2. preserve_force_gateway – takes a value of 1 to activate it, keeping the rebills on the same MID Following these steps, both the initial and ShipGuarantee orders will be processed on the same MIDs along with their rebills


Step 11: LimeLight API Call

This API call is used to make your shipping insurance purchase through LimeLight API. This

is a typical post to LimeLight CRM on your domain using https GET or POST via curl

extension or similar in PHP.

In order to charge for shipping Insurance to the customer, please use 'Product A'.


Example API call in PHP Code using curl POST:

Replace YY with shippingId. Replace your domain with your actual domain name*/
$query = array(
'username' => 'limelight_username',
'password' => 'password',
'method' => 'NewOrder',
'tranType' => 'Sale',
'productId' => 1172, //ShipGuarantee Insurance ID
'campaignId' => ShipGuarantee campaign_id,
'shippingId' => ShipGuarantee Shipping ID,//refer Step 2:B
'ipAddress' =>,
'firstName' => 'Customer First Name',
'lastName' => 'Customer Last Name',
'shippingAddress1' => '12345 Road',
'shippingCity' => 'City',
'shippingState' => 'ST',
'shippingZip' => 12345,
'shippingCountry' => 'US',
'billingAddress1' => '12345 Road',
'billingCity' => 'City',
'billingState' => 'ST',
'billingZip' => 12345,
'billingCountry' => 'US',
'phone' => 1234567890,
'email' => '',
'creditCardType' => 'visa',
'creditCardNumber' => 4012888888881881,
'expirationDate' => 0312,
'CVV' => 123
$url = '';
$ch = curl_init();
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST1);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $query);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION,1);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER,1);
$result = curl_exec($ch);
curl_close ($ch);


LimeLight response example:

Parse and save the result returned by the LimeLight API for your reference on your insurance purchase.
Array (
[errorFound] => 0
[responseCode] => 100
[transactionID] => Not Available
[customerId] => 15777
[authId] => Not Available
[orderId] => 10071913
[orderTotal] => 5.55
[orderSalesTaxPercent] => 0.00
[orderSalesTaxAmount] => 0.00
[test] => 1
[gatewayId] => 9
[product1DigitalUsername] =>
[product1DigitalPassword] =>
[product1DigitalCustomFields] => SHIP_ID:282919|SUB_POLICY:282919

Step 12: Verification and Testing

A) On the top menu, click on: Payment Systems > Test Payment Methods

Click on “Add test payment method”.

Campaign = Select ShipGuarantee Campaign

Payment Type = Test card Success

Card Number = 4111111111111111 or 4012888888881881

Active = Yes

Click on “Save Test Payment Method”

B) After simulating a transaction using php code above, verify that there is a new order in


Limelight account.

On the top menu, click on: Clients & Fulfillment > Orders

Please find and review the order that you just created.


Integration is now Complete!

Please advise ShipGuarantee when your campaign creatives are completed for marketing approval. Please send Screenshots/URL’s to your ShipGuarantee representative