Protect your peace of mind knowing that if, for some reason, what you bought isn’t what you anticipated then you are protected.  ShopGuarantee offers complete satisfaction protection, offering 100% money back guarantee for any reason what-so-ever. 


 Stop worrying about your perishable good purchase showing up at its recipient’s doorstep dead or ruined. With Fresh Guarantee, we protect your perishable purchases while in-transit and in the hands of the carriers to ensure a fresh products arrives on time ...or your money back. 


TripGuarantee offers a complete vacation or trip policy to ensure that your next trip including: flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. is protected from the unknown and keeps you focused on what umbrella drink you will be having by the hotel pool! 

Our policies compete with the largest travel protection companies in the world and we offer the same or better coverage for 20% less than our competitors on average.



 Protect yourself while online.  With CyberGuarantee, you have complete protection for digital goods and services from websites and applications, guaranteeing Terms of Service are followed; and protecting you against viruses, Malware, AdWare Trojans, etc.


 Protects your purchase while in-transit and ensures what you see online is what shows up at your door!  ShipGuarantee coverage insures the parcel and its contents against loss or damage from any external cause while in-transit, on property, on in the car of the carriers. 


ShopGuarantee has Partnered with TicketGuardian!   


Not your father’s ticket protection company. Built for the non-refundable world that IS ticketing and events. Offering today’s attendees Peace of Mind… just a click away.



Start Protecting your Consumers Today.